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UPRISE is committed to Resource Recycling and Nano Technology.

Patent number:NO.4944166 NO.5495244

 Minerals (also known as inorganic) and calcium, iron, sodium, etc. The required amount is not much, but the body cannot produce by itself, so must be conducted by consuming food. Minerals is an important part of human body bone and tissue in the body, can improve the resistance, and can promote the movement of the enzyme, help better digestion and absorption, to the human body has a very important role.


1. healthy maintenance effect of minerals


Enhance immunity, and make it full of energy

Participate in neuromuscular transmission, enhance the sensitivity of muscle. Maintaining the health of the blood, eliminate body fatigue effect, let the heart can work smoothly, activation of the brain.


2. burn fat, promote metabolism, compensatory body consumes energy


3. make human body collagen stronger, prevent freckles, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging beauty effect, etc.

Birth of supplements

 Mineral intake, if by normal meals to get, is the most ideal. But nowadays, pay attention to the beautiful and yields of crops, maintain through pesticides, many minerals and other nutrients have become less and less. So the usual daily life is very difficult to get all the necessary nutrients.


 The common nourishment is not easy to absorb by human, but the absorbing efficient is enhanced if the nourishment is made into nano grade.

Nano supplements was successful in nano of the world's first calcium.(Patented)

Patent number:NO.4944166 NO.5495244


The size and quantity of the unit is 1/1000 of a millimeter. Can be found in the above figure, 1 nm equals one hundred billionth of a meter .

In other words, one billionth of one meter is 1 nanometer.

Characteristics of nano supplements

 Nano mineral raw material, is the use of special nanometer technology (patent) through the study of the ionization of molecules decomposition, the degree of absorption of human body have greatly improved. The current medical field also remarkable. Nano minerals is the most suitable people to want to be a universal health care products. Especially for long-term work in the office, computer, diseases such as myopia, presbyopia. And prone to job stress, fatigue, frail people are of great help. Look forward to your trial.



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