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UPRISE is committed to Resource Recycling and Nano Technology.

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UPRISE has to have a long-term perspective, but be down-to-earth too.

 Long before I started my business, I had been a biology teacher in China. And thanks to that, I got a scholarship from Japanese government and came to Osaka for a master degree in education, in 2002. After I finished study I was once back to my hometown, however, deep inside I was still attracted by Japan and its culture. Therefore, I came back to Japan in 2005 again. 

 Once by chance, I was asked by a Chinese friend to find recycled plastics in Japan. Through the thorough research into Japanese plastic recycling market, I was very impressed by Japanese highly advanced methods of recycling and their professional dedication in work. This became the very start point of my business (UPRISE) in recycling.

 From then on, UPRISE also developed business in trading and catering services, while we still put our focus on environment business. About 40 years before, Japan also has been facing the same environmental problems like China today. However, different factors in the whole chain of recycling and waste processing played very important roles respectively, and as a result, environment problems have been handled very well. I strongly hope that China can learn those advanced experience from Japan. So what I am working on is not only about plastics trading but more about introducing those experience into China. 2014, we invest in building up a recycling factory in Qingdao, China. I hope this factory can finally evolved into a “environmental education basement” for teenagers. 

 At last, our company goal is to become “sogoshosha”, based in Japan and develop into a global company. We are very welcome your advice and cooperation. Thank you!


company overview

 UPRISE Recycled plastic processing business , international trade business ,Natural workshops business, The catering industry of the restaurant business .


Regeneration processing business

 Majoring in industrial waste plastics recycling and regeneration process(Waste plastics , waste paper , waste textile raw materials , mixed metal scrap , metal , alloy scrap)


International trading business

 UPRISE Co., LTD. in Japan not only, also contains the abandoned plastic acquisition processing, in Europe, America and countries around the world and reprocessed, granulation and provide products manufacturing enterprises, we are also actively promote the recycling use of resources.(Plastics , fibers raw materials , mixed waste metal)


Natural workshops business

 Was exclusive distribution rights of nature workshop in October 2014 . began to sell products of nature workshop Inc. as  health food and engine oil .


The catering industry

 Mainly engaged in Japanese cuisine, such as wine house, sushi bars in Dajin and Karasaki.

Company name:  UPRISE co., LTD.

Company address:533-0033 1-20-12, Higashi-Nakajima,Higashi-Yodogawa-Ku,Osaka

TEL:06-6195-6316        FAX:06-6195-6318

Kameoka Factory:621-0162 46,Warozi-Nishibetuin,Kameoka-Shi,Kyoto

TEL:077-127-7201        FAX:072-127-7202

CEOTaira Syoko

Founded: on July 16, 1999

Capital: 30,000,000 yen

This year quotient: 900 million yen (as of March 2014)

Number of employees: 48

Mainly using the bank: sumitomo mitsui banking, wood shop Bank of tokyo-mitsubishi UFJ west seven branch store North Osaka credit coffers Ikeda quanzhou bank



company history


In July 1996, Kyoto districts nine people east temple store opened

In February, 1998, Zi, 県 tu's tianjin store opened

In July 1999, UPRISE co., LTD., established 

In December 2005. Osaka, wood city Jin Zo house opened

In November 2006,Taira Syoko as the chairman of the board 

In February, 2007, Kyoto districts nine east temple shop closed

In August 2010,  karasaki city people karasaki store opening

In October 2010, ISO9001:2008 certification got

In October 2010, Kameoka subbranch of industrial waste materials processing factory is established

In February, 2011, New business relocation to East island 1-20-12, Higashi-Nakajima,Higashi-Yodogawa-Ku,Osaka

In July 2013, the above copy of residence change society

In May 2014, AQSIQ certification

In October 2014, business cooperation and natural workshops CO., LTD.



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